The first structures humans ever made were shelters from the elements. We’ve been building houses since the dawn of man, and in that time we’ve have been many interesting types of houses from the beautiful to the basic. This list will cover as many different types of houses as I can unearth in my research.

connected farmhouseConnected Farm - a farmhouse in England.

Housebarn - housing with a barn attached to it.

Longhouse - house with a number of families living I it.

Laneway House - a house attached to a main house that feeds to the back lane.

Linked Houses - Houses sharing a foundation but detached.

Log home or Log cabin - House built using logs that have been cut but not sawn off to create timber.

Lustron House - This is basically a pre fabricated house.

Manor House - a big house mainly built of the nobles with many rooms.

Mansion - This is a luxurious house that is built with its own access road, front lawns and well tended gardens and botanical fields.

McMansion - Expensive tract housing that have the appearance of mansions but are generic, sometimes not well-made, and are incongruous with other housing areas in the neighborhood.

Manufactured House -  prefabricated house that is designed far away from the place where it will be established. The parts are transported to the site for assembling using containers.

Microhouse - a small house

Monolithic Dome - Housing with a dome at the top

Minka - Japanese traditional housing

Mudhif - A reed house in Iraq

Octagon House - A 19th century house with an octogonal floor plan.

Patio House - A house with an open roof.

Pit-House - A house from the ground.

Plank House - A house made of planks of wood.

Pole House - a house with a centre pole for support.

Prefabricated House - a house designed in an industry and shipped for assembling on site.

Ranch - A house with a ranch

Ranch-Style House - A smaller single-story house in America.

Shack - A run down shed of a house

Queenslander - A classical house built in the colonial times in England.

Roundhouse - A house with a round design. This pertains to the exterior walls but has rooms subdivided inside it.

The Saltbox - A wooden house in the colonial times I England.

Split-level house - Multi-story house where the floors are built upward in a staggered fashion.

Shotgun house - A house with a straight arrangement right from the living room, bedrooms, bathrooms and the kitchen in that order.

Detached Single-Family House


Stilt House - A house built on stilts

Pile Dwellings

Snout House


I’m trying to cover all types of houses here, but I’m sure I’ve missed some. If you find that the list is lacking or you have any questions or comments, go ahead and post in the comment space below.

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